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Working With You

Rx Operations Advisors’ partnership plan features a single, flat monthly fee for a three-year agreement. The logic behind this approach is it takes nearly a year to learn culture, processes, review and revise policies and procedures, create a gap analysis to address any regulatory concerns, and capture benefits with prioritizing low hanging fruit. Overlapping year one with the next, we identify other opportunities and work with leaders to create the plan with a timeline.


Implementation assistance is the focus after the plan is approved. Plan, Do, Check, Act is practiced so that the pharmacy team may sustain new initiatives and improvements after the final year. Our clients find this partnership highly desirable for its tendency to quickly deliver profitability beyond the initial investment by providing only the guidance and solutions you desire.

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A Unique Partnership

Rx Operations Advisors offers two unique aspects of service, separating us from competitors. First, our partnership plan features a flat monthly fee for a three-year agreement. Providing

only value-added services allows us to keep the cost down; so we are highly financially competitive. The Dashboard with cost savings summary and timeline with progress toward completion of selected initiatives reflects only successes achieved during this three-year engagement, not looking back several years using the same credits repeatedly for an ROI.


Second, we strive to be here for you today, not here to stay! Instead of replacing your key leadership only to leave a void upon completion, we work with your existing pharmacy director/manager and other leaders to empower them with the knowledge and capabilities to sustain growth and productivity when the contract has concluded. Following the contract term, Rx Operations Advisors offers an optional “Annual Checkup” assessment to determine if your goals are continuing to be met. Subsequent agreements will ONLY be offered upon request, typically for smaller facilities that lack manpower to sustain success. For those, we create a different contract.

Ad Hoc Services

If you are working on a specific project or need assistance with a targeted strategy, we have two other options.

First, we can partner with an hourly rate for the duration of the project.  If you are looking for missed opportunities or specific cost savings, we also offer contingent plans whereby we agree to a percentage of opportunity identified as a benefit to the organization.

Analyzing Data
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